Could your front door increase your home’s value?

With millions of homeowners taking advantage of the Stamp Duty holiday and putting their home on the market, eager sellers have been looking at ways to increase the value of their property. So, they might be interested in research1 that has unearthed a little-known way of adding value to your home: the colour of your front door!

The most valuable colours

According to the study, the most valuable front door colour is blue, potentially adding an astonishing £4,000 to your house value. Next most valuable is a white door, adding an average of £3,400, with red doors coming in third place at £1,800. Conversely, brown doors are the least valuable and could in fact decrease your home’s value by £700.

First impressions count

The study also consulted an environmental psychologist to gauge the impact of door colour on buyers. He said, “The colour of your front door can influence a buyer’s initial perception. Our eyes are drawn to entrance points, so a front door is often one of the first things you notice.” Therefore, the colour of your front door could potentially make the difference between a quick sale or months of waiting. That’s one job to place at the top of your springtime to do list – paintbrush at the ready!, 2020

As a mortgage is secured against your home or property, it could be repossessed if you do not keep up mortgage repayments.